15 Best Easter Games

Top Easter Games

Easter Games – Before the celebration, write down several silly commands on small portions of the paper, fold them up and area them inside of coloured, plastic eggs. Make certain you have got as many eggs as you have gamers. Divide kids into two groups. Assign one person to judge consistent with the group. Fill one basket for every crew with the plastic eggs. On the word, “go!” the primary player from every group need to race to the basket, pick an egg and carry out the command. The judges must decide if the command is finished, and while it’s miles, will sign the player to run again and tag the following player in line. If a player can’t whole a command after attempts, she ought to vicinity it returned within the basket and return to the again of the line. The first crew to finish all of their egg instructions wins the game.

Easter Games

Easter Games

If Easter receives your kids excited sufficient to hop like bunnies, then let them! These Easter games are a favourite way to allow them to hop, leap, bypass and dance their manner via this springtime celebration. Every single member enjoys to be challenged and even face the humiliation that includes playing a laugh silly Easter Games. Easter is the second largest family gatherings of the year, so after a big meal, we generally acquire and play a few family Easter Games.

The pleasant component about these Easter Games that everybody can play: young or vintage. Some of the games I advocate gambling outdoors if climate allows to keep away from mess within the house.

  1. Egg Hop Relay RaceEaster fun is only a hop, skip, and a jump away with this game! Start by dividing everyone into pairs. Each pair of players receives two large egg cutouts made from cardboard or heavy cardstock. The first teammate stands on one egg and the second places the other egg cutout on the ground in front of the first. The first teammate “hops” to the second egg. Repeat this process, moving toward the finish line until you cross. First team to finish wins! As an added bonus, let the little ones color the eggs with their own designs.
  2. Match the EggsPrepare to meet your match with this game, which tests young players’ sensory skills. Start by gathering an even number of plastic eggs. Divide eggs into pairs and fill each pair with different small objects. For example, fill one pair with jelly beansand another with coins. Put all the eggs together, and then let each child shake the eggs and attempt to place the two matching eggs together. Whoever has the most correct matches wins a prize!
  3. Capture the EggGet ready for a little friendly competition with this fun take on “Capture the Flag”. Divide all your players into two teams. For this game you’ll need eight eggs, four each in two different colors. Have each team choose a color and then line up their eggs on their end of the field. Each team must try to capture the other team’s eggs and bring them to their side of the field without being tagged by a member of the opposing team. If a player is tagged by an opponent, they are out. To win, a team must successfully capture all the other team’s eggs, or must have the last man standing.
  4. Easter Egg Treasure HuntX marks the spot with this Easter-themed spin on treasure hunting! Make an Easter basket filled with goodies, or purchase a premade basket from the store. Hide the basket somewhere and then fill plastic eggs with clues that will help players locate the treasure. The first to reach the basket wins the treasure!
  5. Easter Egg Decorating StationWhat Easter celebration would be complete without colorful eggs and candy? An egg decorating station with both hard-boiled and plastic egg “canvases” is the perfect way to unleash your creativity. Encourage your little artists to get inventive by providing a variety of art tools such as paints, brushes, glue, glitter, and traditional egg-dying kits. Adults can get in on the fun by helping kids make special patterns. Add a little friendly competition by holding a vote on the best design!
  6. Easter Egg Lawn BowlingScore major points with this version of bocce ball. Start with a dozen hardboiled eggs (or more, depending on the number of players). Leave one white, and dye each of the others a different color. Gently toss the white egg onto the lawn. Each player takes turns rolling their colored eggs toward the white one, trying to see who can get closest without touching it. For more of a challenge, play with raw eggs and eliminate each player who breaks their egg trying to get close to the white egg!
  7. The Fox and the EggsCan you outfox your fellow Easter enthusiasts? This game is the perfect way to find out! One player is the fox and the others are Easter eggs. Before the game begins, each egg decides what color they are going to be and keeps that color choice a secret from the fox. The eggs then face the fox, who guesses colors one at a time. If the fox guesses a player’s color, that player must run a set route before rejoining the other eggs in the home base “basket”. The catch? The fox chases the egg, similar to “Duck, Duck, Goose”! If the egg makes it back to the basket, he or she chooses a new color and play continues. If the fox tags the egg before he or she returns to the basket, that player becomes the new fox.

    Easter Egg Rolling Race

    Easter Egg Rolling Race

  8. Easter Egg Rolling RaceLet the good times roll with this fun relay race. Start with a dozen (or more) hardboiled eggs, one for each racer. Mark off a straight race track with multiple lanes. Each player begins by placing his or her egg at the starting line in his or her lane. Just like the popular White House tradition, each player then uses a wooden spoon to roll the egg down the lane and across the finish line. The first one to cross the finish line wins!
    Players divide into teams. One member of each team puts shower cap on their heads and shaving cream/whipped cream over a shower cap. The other team member(s) needs to throw as many Cheetos on on shower caps as possible. Each Cheetos is 1 point. Team with most points (Cheetos on head) wins the game.
    Gather some stickers (these Easter themed stickers are adorable) and a plate. Put the stickers sticky side up all over the plate (or tray) and put the egg in it. The task of the game is to decorate the egg while rolling it around the plate and having stickers stick to the egg. Whoever drops the egg from the plate, needs to start over.
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    Get these inflatable bunny ears for kids to throw rings on and have a tossing game. Perfect Easter game for the little ones.
    Get some toilet paper (or paper towel) rolls and cut them in pieces. Instruct the players to build the tallest tower using cut up rolls and eggs: roll, egg, roll, egg, etc.You can either boil eggs and use them for the stacking or use raw eggs. Using raw eggs is more fun (especially when the tower collapses), BUT it’s a waste and it’s messy.

    Egg and Spoon Race - Easter Game

    Egg and Spoon Race – Easter Game

    Get the players stand in a circle. Start by putting a hard boiled under player’s chin. He needs to pass the egg without using hands and without dropping it on the floor to the next player.
    Get large pom poms and attach double stick tape to each of them. Instruct the players to attach/stick rabbit tails (pom poms) to one another. Whoever ends up with most tails after 5 minutes of playing looses the game.
    Tie a rope between two trees (or let two people hold it). String some donuts or cookies (or any other sweet treat that has a hole) onto the rope. Make sure the rope is above kids’ mouth level. If adults playing, let them adjust.
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Wish you all a very happy Easter, enjoy this Easter with your friends and family.

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